Shutter Remote Help

How do I reset the app?

If you experience problems with the Shutter app or skill, there are two things to try.

First, try resetting the app on your iPhone. Press and hold the large snapshot button on the Shutter app for five seconds. When the app resets, you'll see the setup instructions displayed on the phone.

If you still experience problems with the skill and app not communicating, you can also reset the skill. While near your Echo (or other Alexa-enabled device), say, "Alexa, tell Shutter Remote to reset."

Note that when resetting the skill, you will also need to manually reset each previously-connected iPhone, as the link between the two will be broken.

Where are my photos stored?

Shutter saves photos to your local camera roll (the Photos app). They are not uploaded to a server by Shutter.

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